The ST separator is relatively compact. Designed to process up to 40 tonnes per hour, the machine is approximately 9.1 meters long, 1.7 meters wide and 3.2 meters high. The compactness of the system allows for flexibility in installation designs.

The belt and associated rollers are the only moving parts of the separator. The electrodes are stationary and composed of an appropriately durable material. The power consumption is about 1 kilowatt-hour per tonne of material processed, with most of the power consumed by the two motors driving the belt.

The small gap, high electric field, counter-current flow, vigorous particle-particle agitation and self-cleaning action of the belt on the electrodes are the critical features of the ST separator. Through charging /recharging and internal recycle, the separator achieves superior high efficiency multi-stage separations. It is effective on fine materials that cannot be separated by conventional techniques.