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Ted W. Bush

Ted W. Bush

Senior Project Manager

Professional Overview

Ted Bush is a Senior Project Manager for Separation Technologies LLC (ST). Mr. Bush has nearly 40 years of experience in research, process development, and production assistance in the specialty chemicals/materials industries.

As a Senior Project Manager, Mr. Bush has primary responsibility for overseeing the design and construction of new processing facilities. This includes managing all aspects of ST’s involvement with clients, suppliers, sub-contractors, and regulatory agencies – from conceptualization through start-up. Significant amounts of his time are also spent in evaluation of boiler operations for ash quality improvement at commercial sites, performance and manufacturing improvement programs for proprietary equipment, and developing new core technologies to support business opportunities.

Prior to joining ST, Mr. Bush held various positions with Cabot Corporation, an international Fortune 300 company. He was a Section Manager for Plant Technical Assistance, specializing in combustor design, furnace design and refractory selection, and solution of combustion problems in the plant. He was a lead instructor in unit operations for plant engineers and operators, covering furnace and solids handling processes as well as plant problem solving. He was also responsible for the fabrication shop which supplied proprietary combustion and other high temperature equipment to 26 plants, worldwide. As a Process Development Group Leader, he also was involved in experimental programs to quantify process performance, implementation of new carbon black reactor technologies, and commercialization of new products.


Mr. Bush holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.