Alimentación y alimentos

Utilizando nuestra tecnología en las industrias de piensos y alimentos.

Muchas veces, cuando piensas en el proceso de reducción electrostática, the materials that come to mind include industrial products such as mined ores or coal fly ash. Sin embargo, our process can also be used by the feed and food industries to measure protein content of grains and test a wide range of finely ground, dry materials.

The first patent for electrostatic separation of wheat flour middlings (the product of the wheat milling process that is not flour but that is a good source of protein, fiber and phosphorus, along with various other nutrients) was filed as early as 1880, meaning the process and demand for this kind of technology has been around for more than 130 años.

And while electrostatic separation methods have been used for many years on a commercial scale, previous methods have not been able to match the triboelectrostatic process developed and manufactured by ST Equipment & Tecnología.

All electrostatic separation processes contain a system to electrically charge the material coming through, separate the differently charged particles, and then collect the resulting materials. From research that has been conducted, es evidente que los métodos electrostáticos tienen el potencial para generar nuevos, higher-value plant products, u ofrecer una alternativa para métodos de proceso. Sin embargo, many electrostatic technologies are not suitable for processing finely ground, polvos de baja densidad de materiales vegetales.

Equipo ST & Technology’s triboelectrostatic belt separator is not only proficient at processing very fine particles, it also does so at a high speed, por lo que es una alternativa mucho mejor a escala comercializada.

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