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Summer always makes us think of picnics. Tomatoes and corn are coming into season, the weather is warm and breezy, the kids are gearing up for school, and the longer hours of daylight provide us with the extra time we need to throw a little something on the grill. However, like the parable about the ant and the grasshopper, we also know that fall is right around the corner, and we still have plenty of work do to now while the weather is nice, so we can enjoy the coming months in comfort by being prepared.ST Equipment & Technology

This is where ST Equipment & Technology’s proprietary triboelectrostatic belt separator technology comes into the play for Feed and Food industries. Even though electrostatic separation of wheat flour middlings (the product of the wheat milling process that is not flour but is a good source of protein, fiber and phosphorus, along with various other nutrients) has been around for more than 130 years, and it is evident that electrostatic methods have the potential to generate new, higher value plant products, many of these technologies are not suitable for processing finely ground, low-density powders from plant materials.

ST Equipment & Technology’s separation process is not only proficient at processing very fine particles from plant materials, it can do so at a high rate of speed, making it a much better alternative than other electrostatic process or even wet processes, on a commercial scale. In other words, you can get more out of the product you’re already processing through a very energy-efficient system. That’s something that hard-working ants (and your bottom line) can fully appreciate.

Contact us and let us show you how you can effectively work smarter without having to work harder. Then you can go back to enjoying all that summer has to offer and still be prepared for the future.