Free, Free, Free Sample Analysis

What’s inside the materials you’re mining and how much of it can be pulled out for profitable use?

Who doesn’t like free samples?

Now you can find out for free with our small characterization analysis that we’re offering to our current customers. Simply send us a sample of your mined material (up to 1 kilogram) and we’ll evaluate if it’s a good candidate for beneficiation using our proprietary electrostatic separation project.

This is important for three reasons:

ST Equipment & Technology

1.     You’ll know the value of what you’re mining before setting up a full-scale separation process. Our analysis will determine if the particle size distribution is suitable for the STET separator, as well as to find out if the material is sufficiently liberated in separate, discrete particles. We’ll also measure the element(s), mineral(s) or properties of interest to support a pilot testing campaign.

2.     We’ll provide a detailed report on the results of your small sample test, and offer recommendations on how to proceed with pilot scale testing, if that is a viable option. Once we are in agreement about the goals of the pilot testing program, we can issue a full pilot plant testing proposal.

3.     The testing and reporting is free of charge for you, so you can make a quality assessment of your mining operation before deciding whether it’s worth the investment. That’s a lot of great information at a great (free) value.

The process is easy, too. Everything you need to know about providing your sample to us is included in our Shipping Instructions. We accept both international inquiries and hazardous materials, as long as the hazardous materials are properly packaged and documented via the forms included in the shipping instructions.

Send us your sample today and let’s get the ball rolling. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.