Happy Holidays Hampton Roads

Thank you for another fantastic year!

When ST Equipment & Technology was founded as Separation Technologies (ST) in 1989, we had no idea how many different applications we’d be able to find for our proprietary electrostatic separation process.

In fact, the equipment and technology business spun off from the fly ash processing and sales operations in 2014 to become ST Equipment and Technology (STET). The fly ash operation does business under the ProAsh name and is the exclusive licensee for using STET’s equipment in the eastern United States and Canada.

ST Equipment & TechnologyWhat was initially created to help mining operations pull more value from their feed and waste streams quickly became useful in beneficiating the fly ash generated by coal-fired power plants. Our two-step process for removing ammonia from fly ash is followed by separation, dividing the fly ash into grades. Then we can recover 100% of the fly ash, meaning that we meet all specifications for use in concrete.

While we were thrilled with the success so far, that was only the beginning.

Our triboelectrostatic belt separator has been proven to be beneficial in the separation of granular plant-based food materials, as well. While many electrostatic technologies are not suitable for processing finely ground, low-density powders from plant materials, our process has demonstrated the capability of processing these particles at a high rate of speed.

What application will we discover next?

We’re constantly striving to find new ways to help our customers get great results via our electrostatic separation process. With that said, we’d like to say a big thank you to all who have entrusted us with all of their product separation needs, and we look forward to finding even more ways to serve you in the future.

Happy holidays from all of us to you and yours.