Make the Moo-st of your Animal Waste

Don’t have a cow when it comes to animal production waste.

Innovation is when you take an existing product or process, and utilize it in a manner that has never been thought of previously, to improve or expand the capabilities of that product. ST Equipment & Technology is pleased to say that we not only used innovation to create our proprietary triboelectrostatic separation process, we also continuously find new and unique ways to use that process to benefit different industries.

One such industry that we recently revolutionized is animal production waste, primarily from beef. Each year, it is estimated that 32 million cattle are harvested for consumption in the United States alone. Approximately 15% of each animal becomes bonemeal, meaning that more than 36 million pounds of bone waste is generated from this process annually.

ST Equipment & TechnologyOur separation process turns this huge waste stream into valuable protein and mineral fractions—such as feed protein, product protein, by-product protein, and ash—without water or chemicals, or needing to process those materials prior to discharge. This process is not only environmentally friendly, it also provides beef processors with exciting new income streams from our incredible technology. Plus, our separators can handle a high capacity of materials, so results are obtained rapidly and through an energy-efficient method.

When you are able to produce higher yields from what is now your current waste stream, you’ll soon discover additional profits from separated products, as well as reduced disposal cost for previously unused waste. In our eyes, that’s a win/win/win situation.

Contact St Tech and let’s talk about how we can make your business more efficient and profitable. You don’t even need to be in the cattle processing industry to beef up your operations and get ahead of the competition. We’ll be happy to explain how.