Mineral Madness

Making the most of Mineral Madness.

March is an exciting time of year when it comes to college basketball. If you’ve been watching the games, or even if you’ve only been hearing about what’s going on, you can certainly say there has been plenty of madness happening this year—especially with many of the top-rated teams being knocked out of the tournament very early on.

That won’t happen to your top performers when it comes to mining operations, thanks to the consistently impressive tribo-electrostatic separation process created by ST Equipment & Technology. Even when challenged with a high volume of material to process, our proprietary separation system is always going to be your national champion.

ST Equipment & TechnologyOne of our keys to success is that you don’t need to call a timeout for a water break. Other teams use wet separation methods, such as froth flotation, that requires the addition of chemical agents that must be handled safely and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Once you’ve added these chemicals to the water needed for flotation and separation, you can no longer recycle 100% of that water because a portion of it will contain trace amounts of the chemical reagents.

Our process eliminates the need for a fresh water supply—making it a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. Plus, our technology extends the particle size range down to a finer level where only flotation techniques had been successful previously.

So, when it’s time to put in your “A” game, contact us. You’ll save money on having access to a fresh water supply and your ability to extract finer levels of minerals from your waste stream provides you with varying grades of products that each have the own marketable applications.

If that sounds like a good game plan to you, we’re ready to help you stay at the top of your brackets.