Small Sample Analysis!

ST Equipment & TechnologyAssessing the value of your mined product.

One of the primary goals of our proprietary electrostatic separation process is to recover valuable minerals from waste streams and/or tailings, in an eco-friendly, dry technology manner that requires no chemicals and produces no emissions.

If you’re looking to test the validity of the materials you are mining in order to evaluate the feasibility of a pilot plant, we can provide you with a characterization analysis simply by having you send us a small sample.

Our analysis will evaluate whether your material is a good candidate for electrostatic beneficiation by utilizing our process. The analysis will determine:

Is the material particle size distribution suitable for the STET separator?

Is the material sufficiently liberated in separate, discrete particles?

Often this cannot be measured, but can be evaluated based on the nature of the material, how it was formed, particle size, etc. Any information you have on liberation characteristics, including micrographs, QEMSCAN or other, would be beneficial.

Does the STET laboratory have the capacity to measure the element(s), mineral(s) or properties of interest to support a pilot plant testing campaign?

In general, rapid results are preferred, to allow for run decisions to be made during pilot plant trials.

Is the material a good candidate for electrostatic beneficiation based on moisture, chemistry, mineralogy, separation targets and STET’s experience or available references?

ST Equipment & TechnologyWe will use this information to generate a report detailing the results of the small sample testing, as well as recommendations on how to proceed with pilot scale testing, as applicable. Once STET and the customer are in agreement about the goals of a pilot testing program, we can issue a pilot plant testing proposal.

*Note: We are not able to test small samples for separation performance, or provide estimates of product grade or recovery.

If you’re interested in proceeding, everything you need to know about sending a sample and all of the documentation needed to process it are included in our Shipping Instructions.

You may send more than one sample at a time and we do accept both international inquiries and hazardous materials, as long as they are properly packaged and documented.