Smart Feed & Food

Digging deeper to get more from your feed and food processes.

Harsh winters remind us that we need to make the most of our available resources to keep profitable after the harvest, especially during months when pickings are slim. Of course, you can import feed from foreign suppliers, but the taxes and shipping fees can add up quickly.

That’s where quality separation processes make the difference. Surprisingly, electrostatic static separation of wheat flour middlings have been around for more than 130 years. But the previously used methods can’t hold a candle to what you can separate and recover from your feed streams when using the proprietary triboelectrostatic process developed by ST Equipment & Technology.

All electrostatic separation systems work to electrically charge the material coming through, separating the differently charged particles, then collecting the resulting materials. Electrocstatic methods have the potential to generate new, higher value plant products, or offer an alternative to wet processing methods, but many electrostatic technologies are not suitable for processing finely ground, low density powders from plant materials.

ST Equipment & Technology’s triboelectrostatic belt separator is proficient at processing very fine particles, even at a high rate of speed, making it a much better alternative on a commercialized scale. Plus, our process is environmentally friendly, using a very small amount of energy to process a very large feed of material per hour.

The result is a greater number of grades of grain and other materials to provide you with more sellable product from your current input. And of course, more for less is not only good for your profit margins, it’s better for the environment, making sure that every usable product from your feed is utilized.

Contact us and let’s talk about how we can make you more profitable in addition to making you a good corporate citizen. It’s a win/win situation.