The benefits of fly ash in concrete

Fly ash is a leftover residue created by coal-fired power plants used to create electricity. Normally considered a waste product, fly ash has been shown to be very be extremely beneficial in improving the performance of concrete, in both fresh and hardened states.

It can be used for cement-based products such as blended cement, concrete block, mosaic tiles, and bricks, or for road construction projects that use Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement. As an additive, fly ash can be a cost-effective substitute for Portland cement concrete, in many cases.

In freshly mixed cement, the addition of fly ash reduces the amount of water needed for mixing, and it also acts as a “lubricant” to improve workability. This not only improves the pumpability from the mixing truck, it also provides a smoother, flatter finish.

When it hardens, cement mixed with fly ash will continue to gain strength over time because of the additional binding element the ash brings to the chemical-reaction equation.

It also reduces the permeability of the concrete, which helps to improve long-term durability. It is cold weather resistant and considered a non-shrinking material, meaning it is more resistant to cracking and crumbling.

The quality of the fly ash powder is critical. This is where ST Equipment & Technology can help producers of fly ash get more from your current fly ash production.

Using our unique triboelectrostatic belt separator, we can provide you with equipment to generate consistent high quality low carbon fly ash, even as the input carbon level of the fly ash changes due to normal boiler operations. Producing high quality fly ash from what would otherwise be waste material reduces the use of cement in concrete and reduces costs for concrete producers.

Our equipment can be set up on-site at a power plant or fly ash landfill, reducing your shipping costs. The STET process is energy efficient, while still being beneficially impactful on the environment. It’s a dry process, so it requires no fresh water source. And it can handle a high volume of material, maximizing your production time.

Are you starting to see the advantages this could have on your profitability? Contact us and let ST Equipment & Technology help you pave the way to greater potential.