Triboelectrostatic For the Win

It’s triboelectrostatic time!

Triboelectrostatic separation is an extremely effective method for sorting mixtures of materials in a feed stream. The process is beneficial to almost any industry that wishes to refine their main product into a variety of grades to produce more valuable materials and less waste.

We think that’s pretty amazing. In fact, ST Equipment & Technology’s proprietary triboelectrostatic separation process has been helping numerous business segments achieve incredible results by providing them with better products in an extremely environmentally friendly way.

Some of the industries we’ve helped along the way include:

  • Fly Ash: Not only is our process extraordinary at capturing fly ash, it can further “sift” it down to extremely small particle sizes to provide you with different grades of final material. This is one reason why our Pro Ash cement division was chosen as a key supplier in the construction of the New World Trade Center in New York.
  • Mining Operations: Some mining processes use wet separation methods, such as froth flotation, that requires the addition of chemical agents that must be handled safely and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Once you’ve added these chemicals to the water needed for flotation and separation, you can no longer recycle 100% of that water because a portion of it will contain trace amounts of the chemical reagents. Our process doesn’t need a fresh water and it can be used on-site so you don’t have to truck raw materials out to a processing center.
  •  Feed & Food: Electrostatic static separation of wheat flour middlings have been around for more than 130 years. And while traditional electrostatic methods have the potential to generate new, higher value plant products, or offer an alternative to wet processing methods, many electrostatic technologies are not suitable for processing finely ground, low-density powders from plant materials like ours can.

There’s really only one solution when it comes to your separation needs. Contact us and let’s talk about how our solution can work for you.