Consumer Desire for Less Processed Foods

The idea of healthy eating is certainly nothing new. One look at the works of Normal Rockwell take us back to a day when families would gather around a format dining table to enjoy a home-cooked meal together.

However, in this competitive age where workers are continually challenged by their employers to do more with less just to make ends meet, it is very difficult for many people to find the time to prepare delicious and nutritious meals. Yet, increasingly growing numbers of consumers are desperately seeking solutions to their dietary needs, and they’re willing to pay a premium for food items that are minimally processed.

Electrostatic separation offers feed and food processors an opportunity they can capitalize on quickly and easily. ST Equipment & Technology’s triboelectrostatic belt separator can process large quantities of feed materials at a high rate, separating plant proteins from fibers. In other words, you’ll get more out of your current feed materials and produce less waste, so you’ll have greater grades of material to market.

Here’s the best part. Since electrostatic separation doesn’t require water or chemicals to be used during the process, you’ll be producing “clean food” materials that can be sold at a higher price, thanks to the demand by consumers for more natural, less processed ingredients.

Other benefits of the ST Equipment & Technology process include:

  • Size – The equipment is compact enough to be added to your current operational site, eliminating the need for additional shipping and handling.
  • Environmentally friendly – In addition to reserving precious water by using a dry method, the equipment is extremely energy efficient, yet can still easily produce high outputs.
  • Flexible – The separator is capable of handling both plant and animal proteins, so it can be used in basically every sector of the feed and food industry. Since an estimated 36 million pounds of bone waste is generated by the beef industry each year, our process can turn an enormous waste stream into valuable protein and mineral fractions.

The benefits are out there, just waiting to be harvested. Contact us, and let us help you plant some new ideas.