Giving Thanks

Things we’re thankful for that may interest you, too.

ST Equipment & Technology got our start in 1989 when we were founded as Separation Technologies, a commercialized proprietary electrostatic separation process invented by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientist. Since then, we’ve broadened our scope to put our incredible technology to work in several different applications.

  • We created a process that removes ammonia from fly ash. The process recovers 100% of the fly ash treated and the resulting ash meets all specifications for use in concrete. Our ammonia removal process can be used alone or in combination with our carbon separation technology. This modular approach offers the lowest cost solution for treating otherwise unusable fly ash.
  • Our triboelectrostatic belt separator has been proven to be beneficial in the electrostatic separation of dry granular plant-based food materials. While many electrostatic technologies are not suitable for processing finely ground, low density powders from plant materials, our process has demonstrated the capability to process fine particles from 500 to 1 micrometres at a high rate of speed.
  • Our triboelectrostatic belt separator eliminates the need for a fresh water supply, making it a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. As opposed to standard electrostatic separation techniques, our system extends the particle size range down to a finer level where only wet-separation flotation techniques have been successful before.
  • In terms of mineral separation, our process enhances your product by producing a greater range of grade materials recovered from your waste streams or tailings, increasing your profit potential from the same mined material.

And finally, we now offer small characterization analysis (up to 1 kg.) at no cost to our customers. If you’re interested in seeing how ST Equipment & Technology can help you get more from less, let’s talk about the mutually beneficial ways we can be thankful for partnering together.