ST Resolutions

Tell us what you’d like to accomplish.

The beginning of a New Year usually starts with thoughts of resolutions such as:

  • What would I like to accomplish this year that I didn’t get to last year?
  • What do I need change to accomplish my goals?
  • How do I get started?

If your New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to maximize profits by getting the most from your feed and waste streams through a high-volume triboelectric separation process, getting started is as simple as contacting ST Equipment & Technology.

Our proprietary separation process utilizes surface chemistry between particles in feed materials to create electrical charge differences. These different charges provide us with the ability to separate and collect valuable assets in a variety of sizes, down to incredibly fine particles.

The truly incredible thing about our separation process versus others is that we can not only provide you with a greater degree of grades from the materials you’re already processing, we can do it in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner, with separators that are compact enough to run on-site—processing up to 40 metric tons of materials per hour—meaning materials can be separated and graded before shipping.

It doesn’t matter if you are processing and separating minerals or ores from mining operations, trying to get finer grades of usable material from fly ash, or extracting the finest of grains from your feed and food operations. ST Equipment & Technology can provide you with greater yields at lower operating costs, extracting more value from the same feed and waste streams you normally run.

So, to answer the questions from above on making your New Year’s Resolution a reality:

  1. Extract greater yields from your current operations.
  2. Change the way you separate materials.
  3. Contact ST Equipment & Technology and let us help you set and attain the goals you want to reach this year.