The Flyest Ash

A history of being fly.

Have you ever looked at Roman aqueducts or the Pantheon in Rome and wondered how they can still look so good after standing proudly for so many centuries? The secret is in the volcanic ash the architects used as an ingredient in their cement when building these majestic structures.

Which brings us to modern times. The secret ingredient in today’s best cement comes from fly ash—a coal combustion product composed of particulates that are ejected out of coal-fired boilers and furnaces along with flue gasses. Hence why it is called “fly” ash, as opposed to the coal ash that is left after the burning process that is aptly called bottom ash.

Once upon a time, fly ash was just released into the atmosphere. But now, environmental regulations stipulate that fly ash be removed from the flue gasses before they escape from furnace chimneys, via an electrostatic separation process. The content of the fly ash obviously depends on the makeup of the coal being fired, but the overall composition is extremely beneficial in creating today’s strongest and most reliable cement, among other things.

This where ST Equipment & Technology comes in.

Not only is our proprietary tribolectrostatic separation process extraordinary at capturing fly ash, it can further “sift” it down to extremely small particle sizes to provide you with different grades of final material. This is one reason why our Pro Ash cement division was chosen as a key supplier in the construction of the New World Trade Center in New York.

So how can we help your business?

In addition to developing, building and operating fly ash plants across the Eastern United States and Canada, we can also provide licensing rights to allow third parties to purchase equipment for ash processing internationally.

Got fly ash?

Get with ST Equipment & Technology to make the most of it. Our high-volume, environmentally sound and cost-effective process can help you get more from what you are currently generating.