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Have you ever looked at Roman aqueducts or the Pantheon in Rome and wondered how they can still look so good after standing proudly for so many centuries? The secret

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Electrostatic Separation of Dry Granular Plant Based Food Materials

Electrostatic Separation of Dry Granular Plant Based Food Materials Kyle Flynn, Abhishek Gupta, Frank Hrach Abstract Review of the relevant literature indicates that significant research has been undertaken to apply

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st equipment & technology llc

ST Equipment & Technology LLC (STET) is a developer and supplier of specialized processing equipment for beneficiation of fine particle materials. Founded in 1989, ST capitalized on proprietary technology to develop a unique, triboelectrostatic belt separator. Since then, the compact and easy to permit separator has beneficiated fine materials within several industries.

Today, the US based company has deployed many separators, with well over 100 machine years of operation, in North America, Europe and Asia. A state of the art Engineering Center in Needham, MA, USA conducts research and development, including pilot testing of new materials and further development of the technology.