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ST Equipment & Technology - Benefits of our mineral separator With ST technology, separation takes place in an ecofriendly manner that requires no additional chemicals and produces no emissions. In contrast to the other available electrostatic separation processes, the ST belt separator is ideally suited for separation of very fine (<1 µm) to moderately coarse (500 µm) materials with very high throughputs.

STET LLC adds value to minerals processing operations by:

  • Producing a higher grade product
  • Producing different grades of products with the same flexible unit operation
  • Recovering valuable minerals from waste streams and/or tailings
  • Extending the life of quarries by enabling processing of lower grade raw materials
  • Reducing transportation costs by pre-processing the ore at the mine site
  • Lowering operational and investments costs
  • Facilitating environmental permitting by eliminating wet processes and associated water and waste treatment

Key benefits of the ST Separator are:

  • Dry technology
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low energy consumption
  • High capacity – up to 40 Tons per hour
  • Compact machine – easy to fit within process layouts
  • Easy to Permit
  • Wide range of particle sizes
  • Broad range of minerals
  • Fully Automated
  • Low Maintenance

What we do:

  • Replace Flotation
  • Process Fines
  • Beneficiate additional minerals
  • Enhance the final concentrate
  • Clean tailings for other minerals or additional concentrate