ST Equipment & Technology - Benefits of our mineral separator The ST Equipment & Technology (STET) separator offers benefits to a wide range of industries and products. The STET separator is entirely dry, requiring no water or chemicals. The separator consumes only a small amount of electrical energy, which is used to operate the belt motors. The STET separator consumes between 1-4 kWhr per ton of feed processed, depending on the density of the powder processed. The separator is easily permitted, as the only emissions control device required is a dust collector for nuisance dust. Often, there is little or no pre-processing required for feed material to the separator other than size reduction to the appropriate particle size. Unlike other electrostatic processing equipment, high temperature thermal pre-treatment is not necessary.

Furthermore, the separator design is relatively simple and compact. A machine designed to process up to 40 tons per hour (density dependent) is approximately 30 ft (9 m) long, 5 ft (1.5 m) wide and 9 ft (2.8 m) tall. The belt and associated rollers are the only moving parts, making maintenance both simple and infrequent. The electrodes are stationary and are composed of a highly durable material.

The STET separator has multiple advantages including:

  • Operates continuously
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Completely dry process, no water or chemicals
  • High specific feed rate (up to 40 tons per hour, density dependent)
  • Ease of operation
    • Rapid start-up and shut-down
    • Rapid response to feed variability
    • Amenable to automation
    • Limited operator qualification required
    • Easy to product multiple grades of products
  • Environmentally friendly
    • Low energy consumption (between 1-4 kWhr per ton of feed processed)
    • No wastewater treatment
    • Easy to permit – single dust collector