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Fly Ash

ST Equipment & Technology develops and manufactures Triboelectrostatic Separators that provide a high rate “dry” method to beneficiate liberated particles < 500 microns in size.

Globally, our customers are creating a competitive advantage in their markets when they extract valuable products from their feed and waste streams by leveraging the economic value unlocked with STET Separators.

We have an environmentally responsible, water free beneficiation process that doesn’t require introduction of new chemicals or biologicals and the associated approval processes.We have 20 years of operational experience and experts ready to assist in the feasibility and planning process to ensure success.

Our innovative equipment is designed and manufactured in the United States and is engineered for high reliability and ease of regular maintenance planning for high availability. 3D printing production technology offers fast customization to meet specific needs for unique opportunities.

Combined with our engineering staff and global success, STET solutions may be able to turn a waste stream into a value stream. Proven Triboelectrostatic Separation Applications for Minerals Include:

ST Equipment & Technology was chosen as a key supplier in the construction of the the New World Trade Center and produced thousands of tons of high quality fly ash, creating concrete with high strength, durability, workability and reduced heat of hydration.

To learn more about our fly ash separation process and how this can benefit your business, read the news and white papers listed below!