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ST Equipment & Technology (STET) develops and manufactures Triboelectrostatic Separators that provide a high rate and completely dry beneficiation for pulverized coal fly ash. The STET separation process has been used commercially since 1995 for pulverized coal (PC) fly ash beneficiation and has generated over 20 million tons of high-quality fly ash for concrete production.

Controlled low-LOI ProAsh® is currently produced with STET’s technology at 12 power stations throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Poland, and the Republic of Korea. ProAsh® fly ash has been approved for use by more than 20 state highway authorities, as well as many other specification agencies. ProAsh® has also been certified under the Canadian Standards Association and EN 450:2005 quality standards in Europe.

ST Equipment & Technology was chosen as a key supplier in the construction of the New World Trade Center and produced thousands of tons of high-quality fly ash, creating concrete with high strength, durability, workability, and reduced heat of hydration.

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Fly Ash is a byproduct produced from burning pulverized coal in electric power generating plants. Its chemical components vary, but most often include oxides of silicon (SiO2), aluminum (Al2O3), iron and calcium (CaO).

The primary question surrounding fly ash is what to do with it. Disposing of Fly Ash has its issues. Most of it is dumped in holding lagoons or landfills. Because Fly Ash contains heavy metals there is a concern that it could leach into the soil or escape into the air if the lagoons rupture. Fortunately, Fly Ash is a pozzolan, which is a material that serves as a cement when mixed with lime and water. Recycled Fly Ash has several industrial uses; as the prime material in asphalt, bricks, blocks, paints, tiles and backfill. Because it reacts chemically with calcium hydroxide which is released when cement and water are mixed the most noteworthy use is as a replacement for Portland cement in concrete. Recycled Fly Ash is an environmentally friendly product used to improve the strength of concrete.

Fly Ash uses less water than Portland cement, thus it is easier to use in cold weather. Additional benefits to using Fly Ash as a replacement of Portland cement are: