Laboratory & Testing





ST Equipment & Technology (STET) has a fully equipped pilot plant test facility and analytical laboratory in Needham, MA, capable of processing a wide range of finely ground, dry powders. STET routinely utilizes the pilot plant to quantify the separation and processing characteristics of a variety of materials including pulverized coal (PC) fly ash, talc, calcium carbonate, barite, heavy mineral sands, feldspar, iron ore, graphite, phosphate, potash and others. STET has a wide variety of expertise with all aspects of dry mineral processing. In addition, STET has recently expanded its laboratory capability to include processing of food and feed materials including oilseed meals (sunflower meal, canola meal, rapeseed meal and soy meal), animal and bone meals, pulses, legumes and other flours. Our team of highly qualified pilot plant technicians, laboratory chemists and process engineers will optimize the separation performance of your material and provide meaningful insight into the results.

The STET laboratory can analyze a wide variety of materials. Our analytical capabilities include:

  • Chemistry by X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF). Sample preparation as fused lithium borate glass beads or pressed powder pellets
  • Quantitative Mineralogy by X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)
  • Wet Screening & Dry Ultrasonic Screening
  • LECO Carbon and Moisture Analysis
  • Dry Laser Particle Size Analysis
  • Specific Gravity by Gas Pycnometer and/or Kerosene Flask
  • Loss on Ignition (LOI) testing up to 1100°C
  • Wet chemistry methods including acid dissolution
  • Moisture and ash by loss in weight
  • Optical Microscopy
  • Protein content by DUMAS method