Pea Protein Concentrate Sustainably Boosted for Healthier Food

Pea concentrate with protein content of  70% and 100% dry-processed is now achievable, affordable and easy to make. STET’s  technology effectively enriches protein content using no heat, water, or chemicals. Our process runs with low energy consumption and produces zero waste.

Protein levels of pea concentrates can be enriched without impact to protein quality or functionality.  This dynamic dry process for animal feed and high protein food for people is ready to happen for you at commercial scale.

As for other pulses, our technology delivers similarly attractive high performance .

STET’s technology is robust and proven, having been in continuous commercial operation since 1995 with over 25 million tons processed. Currently, 4 million tons of installed capacity are in place upcyling a variety of materials into high value products.

Figure 1:  Amino Acid profile for a commercially available pea concentrate before (labeled feed) and after STET’s process

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