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About Us

ST Equipment & Technology Company HistoryST Equipment & Technology’s (STET) predecessor, Separation Technologies (ST) was founded in 1989 to commercialize a proprietary electrostatic separation process invented by an MIT scientist.

In 1994 ST joint ventured with Titan America, the US subsidiary of Titan Group, to apply the technology in beneficating the fly ash generated by coal-fired power plants. This allowed the product ash, called ProAsh, to be used in high-value concrete applications, rather than being disposed in landfills. It also reduced the carbon footprint of the concrete.

In 2002 Titan America acquired ST, making it an internal business unit. The business invested in developing, building and operating fly ash plants and marketing ProAsh across the eastern US and Canada. It also began licensing rights allowing third parties to purchase the equipment for ash processing internationally. With the onset of the 2007 construction recession, ST broadened its scope beyond fly ash to other fine minerals that could be electrostatically charged.

In 2014 the equipment and technology business was spun-out from the fly ash processing and sales operations, becoming STET. The ash operating activities do business under the ProAsh name. ProAsh is the exclusive licensee for using STET’s equipment for fly ash applications in the eastern US and Canada.

With its broader mandate and new leadership, STET’s mission is to be a global leader of sustainable, environmentally-sound, cost-effective and reliable solutions that enable our customers to extract valuable products from feed and waste streams, in a manner that is water-free, emissions-free and low in carbon footprint.