Mineral Separation

ST Equipment & Technology (STET) manufactures a Tribo-electrostatic Mineral Separator. It provides a high rate, continuous, and completely dry minerals separation method to beneficiate minerals and metals across a broad range of particle sizes (from relatively coarse at 600 microns to very fine, 1-2 microns). The STET separator provides an alternative to wet processing methods (flotation) and drastically reduces or eliminates the need for water in mineral separation processing.
Key Benefits of ST Equipment & Technology’s Separators

  • Water-Free separation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low energy consumption
  • High capacity – up to 40 tons per hour
  • Compact Machine – easy to fit within process layouts
  • Easy to permit
  • A wide range of particle sizes
  • A broad range of materials
  • Automated
  • Low maintenance
  • Fully commercialized, with more than 20 years of experience in powder processing