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ST Equipment & Technology develops and manufactures Triboelectrostatic Mineral Separators that provide a high rate “dry” method to beneficiate liberated particles < 500 microns in size that is ideal for the procuring and separation of valuable minerals.

Key Benefits of ST Equipment & Technology’s Separators

Combined with our engineering staff and global success, STET solutions may be able to turn a waste stream into a value stream. Proven Triboelectrostatic Separation Applications for Minerals Include:

Since actual performance and value creation of a ST Equipment & Technology separator depends on several factors, we have two Pilot Plant separators in our Needham lab, which can qualify and quantify your material, including minerals, fly ash, food products and recycling materials.

Minerals SeparatorMinerals Belt Separator

To learn more about our mineral separation process and how this can benefit your business, read the news and white papers listed below!