The ST Equipment & Technology Process

At ST Equipment & Technology, we believe our process is simply better.

A variety of electrostatic separation processes are available to recover minerals from waste streams, but our proprietary system is one-of-a-kind. As industry experts, our team is uniquely qualified to analyze, rethink, and redesign the way separation technology works. It’s what we do, so creating our own processes and systems seemed like a natural next step.ST Equipment & Technology

Learn about the processes used by other companies, and the ST Tech Difference:

High Tension Roll (HTR) Separators – One of the main electrostatic processes used today, HTR separators primarily divide conductive materials (metals) from non-conductive materials (plastics, glass, etc.).

However, one limitation of this process is that the materials being fed into the system must actually come into contact with the drum surface in order to be properly evaluated and sorted. Because of this, feed rates can be slower and the minimum size of particles that can pass through are relatively large.

Free Fall Separators – In this process, materials are fed through one end of a flow path that has a positive electrode on one side and a negative electrode on the other. As materials come in and fall through the field, the particles are influenced by the electrodes to create a separation process.

However, there are several problems with this particular system. For one, if the particle sizes are too large, they will not be affected by the electrodes and will simply fall through. Particles that are too small will collect on the electrodes and will need to be manually scraped away. Another limitation is that this is a single stage separator, whose motion is influenced by aerodynamics, meaning it is not particularly efficient.

ST Equipment & TechnologySTET Electrostatic Separator – Our system is a dry technology that uses a high electric field strength under moderately applied voltage in a small gap environment with intense agitation. This allows for a high-efficiency, multi-stage separation with a very low residence time and allows for a wide range of particle sizes.

In addition, our high-capacity process is able produce different grades of products with a wide variety of particle sizes and a broad range of minerals within the same flexible unit operation. By being able to handle up to 40 tons of input per hour, we can even help reduce transportation costs by pre-processing materials right at your mine site.

When you’re looking for the most eco-friendly system with the greatest degree of separation from a high capacity volume of material, we think the choice is pretty clear.

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