Live Harvested Ash Beneficiation Demonstration Event: Unveiling the Future of Fly Ash Management

In a groundbreaking event that has sent shockwaves through the concrete industry, Artitor Ltd (Artitor), a distinguished manufacturer specializing in drying, milling, and deagglomeration solutions, and ST Equipment & Technology LLC (STET), a trailblazing name in carbon separation equipment, recently came together to showcase the prowess of their innovative solutions. This landmark event, titled the Live Harvested Ash Beneficiation Demonstration Event, provided a platform for over 50 prominent figures and key stakeholders from the concrete and minerals market to witness a live demonstration of a revolutionary approach: using harvested fly ash for construction purposes.

This 2023 event, held at Artitor Ltd Headquarters in Coventry, UK, gathered an impressive array of participants, including the UK Quality Ash Association (UKQAA), market leaders in concrete production, power station operators, developers of land with ash ponds, Zero Carbon Group, Mineral Products Association (MPA), and Leeds University.

An Industry-Wide Phenomenon

The Live Harvested Ash Beneficiation Demonstration Event forged two industry giants—Artitor and STET—to present the seamless synergy of their technologies. Artitor’s expertise in drying and deagglomeration perfectly complemented STET’s cutting-edge carbon separation equipment. The event spotlighted how combining these technologies can effectively transform harvested fly ash from stockpiles into a valuable resource for the construction industry.

An Industry-Wide Phenomenon

The event testified to the growing importance of Coal Derived Fly Ash (CDFA) in the construction sector. The UK Government’s recognition of the strategic value of CDFA and its role in a low-carbon economy adds significance to this endeavor. The partnership between Atritor and STET aimed to demonstrate how CDFA, harvested from stockpiles in the UK, can be dried, milled, deagglomerated, and carbon separated to produce high-quality CDFA that adheres to global standards like EN450.

This processed CDFA can then be used in cement and concrete applications as a sustainable alternative to fresh fly ash.

Tom Cerulla, President of STET, spoke about the synergy between the two companies:

“Our technologies together create a robust solution for customers seeking to convert their previously disposed fly ash into valuable streams of construction material and alternative fuel.” 

Addressing a Global Challenge

With the decline of coal-fired power stations worldwide and the subsequent scarcity of fresh fly ash, many players in the concrete market are compelled to import supplies from overseas. The situation is no different in the UK, where there are vast stockpiles of CDFA amounting to 100 million tonnes. This abundance of CDFA offers a unique opportunity to support the construction industry and meet its growing demands sustainably.

John Wilkinson, Managing Director at Atritor, proudly notes:

“I’m pleased to see key players in the market have come to process their fly ash at this event, as that demonstrates to me that there is a huge commitment to becoming self-sufficient for fly ash and to reducing the carbon related to cement production.”

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A Glimpse into the Future

The Live Harvested Ash Beneficiation Demonstration Event transcended being just a demonstration—it catalyzed industry-wide discussions on the practical implementation of this innovative solution. By harnessing the power of partnership, innovation, and technology, Atritor and STET have paved the way for a more sustainable future for the concrete industry.

The event not only illustrated their technological capabilities but also sparked conversations about the broader potential of CDFA in shaping a greener and more efficient construction sector. As coal-derived fly ash takes center stage in the push toward sustainable practices, Atritor and STET have shown their drive to continue to be leaders in changing how fly ash is managed and leveraged.

A Shared Vision for Sustainable Growth

The Live Harvested Ash Beneficiation Demonstration Event underscores the significance of collaboration in driving industry change. Atritor and STET’s partnership exemplifies how innovation, expertise, and a shared vision for sustainability can drive transformation in traditional industries.

Shared Vision for Sustainable Growth

This event was not just a demonstration—it was a milestone in the journey towards a more sustainable future for the concrete industry. By harnessing the power of technology and collaboration, Atritor and STET have set a new standard for fly ash application, inspiring industry movers and shakers to reimagine the potential of this abundant resource.

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