Fine Iron Ore Separation

While iron ore is the fourth most common elements available in the Earth’s crust, it’s value to the steel industry is monumental, especially considering the high demand for steel on the global market today. Then there’s the value of iron ore on its own as a product.

Taking advantage of a process that can efficiently separate ferrous materials from silica and other gangue minerals is one way for iron ore processors to maximize their profits from mining operations. Being able to do it via a dry separation process further enhances their economic advantages by not needing a fresh water source, chemical additions, or wet tailing treatment and disposal that traditional gravimetric, flotation and wet magnetic separation processes use. Eliminating the need for tailing dams also provides a positive environmental impact.

But the ST Equipment & Technology tribo-electrostatic belt separator goes one step further to provide a higher yield from current inputs or even waste tailings. It is capable of separating very fine particles—even below one micron—whereas other dry separation processes are typically limited to particles sizes larger than 75 microns. Wet separation processes become inefficient for particles under 45 microns, and a high percentage of these very fine particles are completely lost in wet separation processes.

Would being able to recover ultra-fine ore be financially beneficial in a mining operation? Consider what just a small percent increase in iron ore recovery from the same materials that are currently being mined and processed would mean to a company’s bottom line, especially considering that a large percentage of fine iron ore particles are currently going into a waste stream. Then eliminate the other overhead costs associated with wet separation processes and the management of contaminated tailings. The numbers add up rather quickly.

Through our beneficiation process, low-grade iron ores can be upgraded to commercial-grade while simultaneously rejecting silica. Ultra-fine ores can be processed to create high-value concentrates. Our high-speed belt also ensures a continuous, energy-efficient, fast throughout rate to process a large volume of material in a short amount of time to keep your operations running smoothly. And the separator can be set up on-site to reduce transportation costs.