Save Money, Save the World

We can show you how to recycle your current resources.

Much of the waste we as human beings create from the consumption or use of consumer goods can be recycled or repurposed. This process helps preserve the environment and protect the limited resources we have available on this planet. The same is true for the waste stream from your current mining, finely ground plant material, or fly ash operations.

With ST Equipment & Technology’s proprietary triboelectrostatic belt separator process we reclaim more from what you are currently processing. This method provides you with myriad levels of your final product, because we produce different grades with a wide variety of particle sizes (and a broad range of minerals). We are able to produce these variations within the same flexible unit operation, resulting in a lot more profit with a lot less waste.

Who knew you were sitting on so much underutilized potential!

Unlike standard electrostatic separation techniques, our system extends the particle size range down to a finer level (depending what you are processing), where only wet-separation flotation techniques have been previously successful. This streamlines your operations by eliminating the need for a fresh water supply, in turn eliminating the expense of bringing in and recycling water in a manner that meets environmental disposal protocols.

Did we mention …

Our environmentally-friendly low-energy consumption process can handle high-capacity loads quickly, keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently. This provides a better range of product grades, produced in an economically efficient process.

Get more from what you have, and get your product to market quicker. That’s a win-win-win in our book!

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