What is Separation Technology?

ST Equipment & Technology
ST Equipment & Technology (STET) performs an important but little-known service, with far-reaching results. By utilizing the advanced processes made possible with the products we manufacture, triboelectrostatic separation is made possible.

What is Triboelectrostatic Separation? We’re so glad you asked.

Triboelectricity is a static charge caused by friction when certain materials interact (like rubbing a balloon on the top of your head to make the hair stand up). To break it down further, let’s look at the word itself: “tribo-” is Greek in origin, meaning “rubbing.”

The triboelectric effect, then, describes a form of electricity that occurs after certain materials have become electrically charged by physical, frictional contact, and the phenomenon often results in adhesion of molecules – meaning they stick together electrostatically (balloon & hair).

Why separate them?

Whether you’re manufacturing feed & food, dry ash for concrete, or mining minerals for profit, this adhesion can be a problem. In order to purify your product, you’ll need to separate organic materials or extraneous liberated particles. ST Equipment & Technology (STET) designs, manufactures, and provides machinery devoted to precisely this purpose.

Best of all, using our dry technology products will streamline processes for your company, due to their low energy consumption, full-automation, and compact size. Our machinery is generally easy to permit, and requires little maintenance, all while working at a high capacity (up to 40 tons per hour). Work with a broad range of minerals to produce a wide range of particle sizes, all with minimal environmental impact.

Contact STET today to get started. We offer custom solutions to multifaceted industrial concerns, and are happy to work closely with your company in order to determine your needs. Put STET to work for you.