It’s spooky how good our process is.

Mary Shelley first published her now-famous novel about Frankenstein’s monster in 1818. The fictional piece features a young scientist who is able to deny death by using electricity to bring a body back to life – with horrific ramifications.

That’s bad-scary. What is good-scary is how ST Equipment & Technology has created a tribo-electrostatic separator that utilizes differences in the surface chemistry between particles in feed material to create electrical charge differences to separate and collect valuable assets as small as 50 microns.

Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as “back from the dead,” but it does have some pretty cool beneficiation benefits.

What this means for commercial mining and mineral operations is the beneficiation of fine mineral ores using dry technology in a high velocity manner to extract greater results from almost any waste stream. In other words, it can breathe new life into what you process and the value of what’s otherwise locked inside – kind of like Dr. Frankenstein and his creation.

And the equipment it takes to carry out this process isn’t monstrous at all. The ST Equipment & Technology tribo-electrostatic belt separator is designed to process 40 metric tons of material per hour in a machine that is approximately 30 feet long, 5.5 feet wide and 10.5 feet tall; meaning it is compact enough to fit most on-site installation designs.

Furthermore, the amount of electricity it takes to run the tribo-electrostatic belt separator is minimal, quite unlike the massive amounts of energy it took to bring the doctor’s creation to life. So, it’s environmentally friendly and efficient, compact enough to run on-site meaning that materials can be processed prior to shipping, and it can harvest you a greater yield from the materials you are already processing.

Now that’s a great story, and it won’t even keep you up at night. Contact us to learn more, and get started bringing your business back to life!