Better separation techniques help you dig up extra profits.

Would you like to hear a scary story? One of the major issues with mining operations around the world today is a lack of access to fresh water. Wet separation methods, such as froth flotation, require the addition of chemical agents that must be handled safely and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

And once you’ve added these chemicals to the water needed for flotation and separation, you can no longer recycle 100% of that water because a portion of it will contain trace amounts of the chemical reagents.

Now for the happy ending: Dry methods, such as ST Equipment & Technology’s tribo-electrostatic belt separator, eliminate the need for a fresh water supply—making it a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. And as opposed to standard electrostatic separation techniques, tribo-electrostatic technology extends the particle size range to down to a finer level where only flotation techniques had been successful before.

In other words, our process allows you to:

  • Save money on having access to a fresh water supply.
  • Extract finer levels of minerals that not only pull more from your waste streams, it gives you varying grades of products that each have their own marketable applications.
  • Process on-site so you can mine materials in places that may have been inaccessible previously.

Are you doing the math? There’s nothing to be afraid of here. Our high-efficiency, multi-stage process can process a high volume of material without utilizing a lot of energy, to provide you with more for less. So the only thing that may go “bump in the night” with our system, is your profit margin.

Let ST Equipment & Technology shed some light on a better way. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can unearth greater potential from your current mining operations.